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About Wythenshawe Contact Centre

Wythenshawe Child Contact Centre offers a neutral and welcoming environment for children and adults experiencing a difficult family break up.

We provide services to ensure parents and other family members can continue to see their children and support families to eventually come to their own independent arrangements.

Central to all our work is the principle that the child is at the centre at all times and has the right to maintain a positive relationship with both parents, regardless of their relationship with each other (unless there is a risk of harm).

We at Wythenshawe Contact Centre are a supported Centre, not supervised.  Contact sessions are run by experienced staff, supported by a team of volunteers. The contact team are there to help the contact run smoothly by providing fun activities and making sure there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Contact workers are not permitted to pass messages, money, letters or parcels between parents.  Contact workers must not be used as go-betweens and are not allowed to become involved in family disputes.
Most families are referred to Child Contact Centres by solicitors who fill in the forms and make the arrangements required.
Other families are referred by the Courts, CAFCASS officers, family mediators, health visitors, social workers or community organisations.  You can also refer yourself, however please contact the Centre first if you plan to do this as both parties must be in agreement.
Links to our referral forms and information leaflets can be found below.

Our Services

Supported Contact Sessions

These sessions offer a safe, friendly and neutral place where children and separated family members can spend time together to re-establish or rebuild relationships. Age appropriate toys, games and activities are provided and a team of experienced staff and volunteers are on hand to support the contact sessions and ensure they run smoothly. However they are not there to observe the contact and they cannot make reports. The team are neutral and cannot be used as a ’go-between’ or become involved in family disputes.

Handover Arrangements

We can also act as Handover point for contact taking place outside the Centre. This is often a ‘next step’ to progress to after Contact sessions. We will help you come to a Handover agreement and facilitate the Handover for an agreed period of time.

Co –Parenting Meetings

To help families to move on we can offer Co-Parenting meetings. Staff will meet with both parents to support them to come to an amicable agreement about future contact arrangements.

Opening Hours & Fees

Initial Referral Fee - £50

Supported Contact Sessions

£7.50/£10 for families of 2 or more children per session (discounted rates for block bookings and low income)

Saturdays  1.30 – 3.30

Handover Arrangements £10 per handover

Usually take place during session hours, alternative times can be accommodated but may incur additional costs.

Co – Parenting Meeting £40

To be arranged on an individual basis

*As we are a charity we try and keep our fees as low as possible however fees are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the service.

For more information or to request a referral form please contact us at contactcentre@whpfamilycentre.co.uk or call 0161 498 6347

To access the correct document please click:

Third Party Referrals

Guidelines for Solicitor Referrals                                    Solicitors Referral Form

Self Referrals

How To Make a Self Referral

Resident Parent Referral Form                                         Resident Parent Guidelines

Non- Resident Parent Referral Form                                Non-Resident Parent Guidelines


Complaints Procedure

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